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Attention sports maniacs: You can take a swing at our Sports books collection to increase your expertise, when you're not busy watching or playing your game of choice. Get an insider's view from tennis God Rafael Nadal himself, find out what makes fiery football hero Fernando Torres tick, or discover how to deal with athletic injuries. Sports & Recreation Books can cover all that and more, and you'll find the Sports books to suit you right here.

Eat & Run

Born to Run

One man's journey to reclaim his joy of running. At their best, sports and recreation books have the power to tell a great story—and teach us something new. On the one hand, Born to Run explores the life and running habits of the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico's Copper Canyon, regarded by many as the greatest distance runners in the world. On the other, this book is the riveting story of an athlete who discovers that everything he thought was true about running couldn't be more wrong. This epic adventure is filled with mile after mile of inspiration for anyone interested in rediscovering the joy of lacing up, stretching out, and running free.

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