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History Books answer all your questions and plenty more. For instance, what made Queen Cleopatra such a compelling and enduring character? What was it like to experience World War II from the unique vantage of Winston Churchill? How can you cram successfully for your big history exam? The History Books we offer can keep you informed, whether your interests take you back decades or centuries into the past. Whatever corner of the world you want to cast a rearview glance at, we've got the books to help you do it.

Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife

The business of being born. If you think having a baby is tough today, you should have tried it in the East End back in the '50s. This midwife's moving memories make that point in no uncertain terms, as she settles into stories about the extremes of poverty, calamity, and courage she encountered while helping underprivileged mothers bring their babies into the world amid dismal circumstances. It's half history book and half heartbreaking memoir. Jennifer Worth's tales of tough people enduring trying times will leap straight from the page into your heart with such easy authority you won't want them to leave.

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