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Architecture Books

Architecture Books are about much more than merely stacking bricks. A good book will help you explore the art, craft, and skill involved in bringing buildings into being, and everything that goes along with it. Architecture Books can introduce you to the history of the art or provide you up close access to the finest works by the master builders. Students of the genre can source technical guides on drafting and designing across all levels of the profession. These books will help you see through the eyes of an Architect and envision a more beautiful world.

Brunelleschi's Dome

They said it couldn't be done, so he did it. In 15th century Florence a man with a goldsmith's background managed an architectural feat nearly as mystifying as Stonehenge or the pyramids of Egypt. Along the way he also happened to forever alter architecture as we know it. Filippo Brunelleschi took up the almost impossible challenge of designing the world's biggest dome for the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral. But Ross King's account of Brunelleschi's triumph is more than just an architecture book, Brunelleschi's Dome is a story of humankind's ability to turn impossibilities into realities.

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