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Gathering all Comics & Graphic Novels into one category is a challenging task—about the only thing these books all have in common is words and pictures! But it also goes to show what an amazing range of emotion, story, and characters can be found throughout their pages, from the uproarious absurdity of Gary Larson's The Far Side Gallery to the epic struggles of superheroes in Alan Moore's landmark Watchmen. Indeed, some of the most affecting work of the past few decades has been created—and illustrated—in graphic novels like Art Spiegelman's Maus and Chris Ware's Building Stories. Whether they get you to laugh or to cry, these books will undoubtedly catch you up in their world of captivating tales and unforgettable images.

Tintin in America

Tintin in America

The Belgian boy reporter's U.S. antics. Hailing from 1930s Belgium, the Tintin tales are among the most iconic in the world of comics and graphic novels. Author Herge offered up dozens of eye-popping adventures of a boy reporter and his faithful fox terrier, Snowy. When Tintin tries to ply his trade in the U.S., he gets into even more hot water than usual. Over the course of Tintin in America, our unfortunate hero gets kidnapped so many times it starts to seem like he should switch careers and become a professional hostage. Will a combination of fortitude and fortune help Tintin to emerge from his American adventure unscathed? There's only one way to find out?

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